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  1. Gregory says:

    Wed. April 6 in the 5800 block of Rosewood:

    Last night my wife’s car was left unlocked in our driveway. Someone had got in and gone through all of her stuff and stole some change she had in the ashtray. Last year her car had the window broken twice in one month and her car gone through looking for money. Maybe it is better that she leave it unlocked rather than locked and having her window broken to gain entry into the car? They are not trying to steal her car.
    Once again, if I see someone strange in the neighborhood, I take a picture of them with my cell phone. I caught the guy braking into her car last year, but he jumped a wall and got away. I think it is the homeless people that stay in the wash behind the Fudrucker’s on Speedway.

  2. Dick/Thunderbird Heights says:

    Neighbor from Thunderbird Heights Neighborhood Association
    Hi All. Reba was just walking her dogs today 8 Apr about 6:20 when she saw a white Ford van with a rack on top parked in the driveway of the ‘For Sale” house on the NW corner of 3rd and Sahuara. A kid in a blue and white work outfit was walking door to door on 3rd. The van had dark back windows with a male driver. He slowly drove away as she approached but she got the license number – 332-ZMF. I will pass this on to the police non-emergency number 791-4444 tonight. Dick

  3. Roxanne says:

    March 22, 2011
    Hi Sandy: My husband and I are selling our home at 5613 E. Hawthorne St. It is currently vacant, but we go over every day or two to sweep, pull weeds… just generally keep our eye on the place. My husband was there yesterday, but did not go in the house, so our last entry into the house was on Sunday and everything was fine. Today we were inside washing interior windows and just happened to look out into the garage, where we saw a car. It was in the process of being disassembled. We called TPD and they sent an officer over. He verified that the car was stolen and that it was possibly by a “ring” of car thieves in the area. The car was a bright red, souped up Honda civic and he said Hondas are very popular for car thieves right now. We were positive we had locked the garage door, but apparently not. Just a warning to other owners of vacant/for sale properties in the neighborhood…. Boy, this was a weird one!! Our neighbors saw nothing, so we suspect they just drove the car in like they owned the place; probably either last night or the night before. No damage or attempted entry into the house.

  4. Sally says:

    March 15, 2011
    Hi Sandy,
    My neighbor called today to say that she had observed a white van with darkened windows in front of my house today with someone sitting in the driver’s seat (middle of the 5600 block of Rosewood). She went into the street, copied the license number and called the police to report it while she was still out in the street. As she was on the phone with the police, they took off. My son-in-law was home although both cars were gone from the house. He thought that perhaps they were scoping out the house across the street that just went up for sale a few days ago.
    Thanks. Just talked to my friend-it was a white Ford van with tinted windows, AZ lic. # 797JX

  5. sandy says:

    Alarm sales door to door, March 16-17, Three neighbors comments regarding this:
    Same incident happened to us a week ago. On E. Rosewood and Van B. A tall white guy, who wanted to shake hand….. Of course I didn’t open the screen door.

    3rd & Jefferson/he came to my house about a month ago. He wanted to shake my hand when he introduced himself and I didn’t open my locked screen door.

    3rd & Van Buren/I had an alarm kid come to my door a week ago with an offer for a free sign in my yard. I could tell he was pumping me for info and he got none.

  6. Suzie says:

    March 16, 2011
    We live at Jefferson & Rosewood, & we’ve had roughly 4-5 “traveling”
    > salesman with offers from a new house alarm to cleaning my tile
    > (vacuum sales). These seem to be young people dropped off in our
    > neighborhood from another state entirely…to do sales. Please alert
    > our neighbors to not allow them into your house…it’s a scam.
    > thanks.

  7. Mary says:

    Hi Sandy,

    Just wanted to let you know that a stolen vehicle was dropped off in our parking lot Van Buren Apartments] again Wednesday night. It happened to be the night there was so much crime going on in the city when a stolen vehicle was used in the Circle K armed robbery and another car stolen in a hit and run.

  8. Robin says:

    March 14, 2011
    Sandy, Please feel free to forward the entire contents below:

    I live near the southeast corner of 3rd and McKinley. Monday morning I was moving cars around. Because I live near the corner, I went into the intersection of 3rd and McKinley to make a u-turn. I observed a car in front of the house on the northwest corner. As I was making my turn, I noticed that the car wasn’t really parked and that there was someone in it. So, I did another u-turn and drove into the intersection again. The person in the car saw that I had done this and took off – fast. However, I was able to observe the following:
    · It was a white “Sephia”, License Plate # BPL – 940.
    · The individual was wearing a brimmed, fishing/beach-type hat with camouflaging.
    I called the police and gave them that information. I did look over the walls of some neighbors’ homes to see if, perhaps, the individual had abandoned an accomplice.

  9. sandy says:

    March 10, 2011
    Just a heads up the police were called out regarding 2 young boys/men on bicycles riding through the alley in the 5600 block of Third Street. They were both on bicycles. They jumped the fence from the alley into a vacant house on 4th. Dogs were barking and someone called the police and they were looking for them. I believe this was around 2:30pm.
    Same block previous week:
    Last week one of our neighbors found 2 young men approaching a house where she knew no one was home. They said they were looking for Swan Street. The police were called on that suspicious activity also.

  10. from our Thunderbird Heights/Wilmot Desert Estate Neighbors says:

    Thunderbird Heights/Wilmot Desert Estates Neighborhood Association 24 Feb 2011
    Subject: Recent Burglaries, Robberies- Actual and Attempted

    Members should be aware of the recent rash of break-ins and burglaries in TH/WDE. (See below for a partial list of area crimes). Please be aware of your streets and alleys and report suspicious activities to 911 or the non-emergency police number: 791-4444.

    Many of there incidents have happened during the daytime. In one incident a white van/SUV with men and women were involved. In another a gold colored sedan was ‘spotting’ in front of a home while the burglars were emptying valuables into the alley, probably to another vehicle.

    Our neighborhood has been relatively safe in past years but unless these burglars are caught they will eventually enter a home with seniors or children at home and more serious incidents will occur. Please be more vigilant and get to know your neighbors and the cars they drive. Form phone networks on your block, call when something seems out of place, or call others to help keep watch. Neighborhood and cross-neighborhood watchfulness will help solve this problem. Thank You.

    1000 block N. Alamo 2/22/2011 Burglary/Forced Entry
    6200 block E. 2nd St 2/20/2011 Burglary/Forced Entry
    6100 block E. 2nd st 2/16/2011 Burglary/Forced Entry
    5900 block E. Rosewood St 2/11/2011 Burglary/Forced Entry
    6100 block E. 4th St 1/27/2011 Burglary/Forced Entry
    800 block N. Sonoita 1/24/2011 Burglary/Forced Entry
    Corner Sonoita & Rosewood 1/19/2011 Attempted Entry
    800 block N. Sonoita 1/13/2011 Burglary/Forced Entry
    5900 block E. 2nd St 1/13/2011 Suspicious Activity
    5900 block E. 2nd St 1/12/2011 Suspicious Activity

    Mitman Neighborhood ( Sahuara west to Craycroft, Speedway to 5th St)
    5800 block E. Rosewood St 2/16/2011 Suspicious Activity
    5800 block E. 2nd St. 1/20/2011 Suspicious Activity
    800 block N. Sahuara Burglary

  11. Tina says:

    April 23, 2011, 11:00pm
    Sandy I just got home and found my house has been burglarized AGAIN! I was gone for 1 1/2 hours. Tina 5700 block E 4th St.

  12. Jerry says:

    I live in the 5700 block of Rosewood Street and sometime between 3:00 and 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 23, 2011, someone shot out my back car window and right rear tail light. My car was parked in my driveway at the time. This is the 2nd time this has happened in two year. Police were notified. We were in the house and did not hear anything. I imagine it was a pellet or BB gun.

  13. Tina says:

    April 24, 2011
    Sandy I did call the police & filed a report. A suspicious car was seen around 3:40PM today at the corner of 4th St. & McKinley. Toyota Camery older white. My neighbors & I saw the car. Police were informed. Tina

  14. Sue says:

    April 24, 2011
    Hi Sandy,
    We got home from my cousin’s house about an hour ago and there was a police car parked on Sahuara and Third so we asked him what happened and he said there was a robbery in the neighborhood today and someone saw a white Toyota Camry with license plate ALX4000 (I hope I am remembering the first three letters correctly) and it was driven by a Hispanic woman with a male Hispanic passenger. He said there was another robbery on the same street earlier in the week but he wouldn’t say what street.
    He asked us to pass the word along to neighbors to keep an eye out and call 911 if anyone sees that car.

    • Nancy says:

      I’m on 5700 block of Third (between Van Buren and Mckinley) and walk my dogs around the neighborhood. In doing so I’m happy to have met a lot of you. The retired sheriff that lives on the 5800 block of 4th told me on Friday that the two in the Camry who were seen were arrested while pawning stolen goods!!! Hurray for neighbors who watch and report suspicious activity. It’s good to know that it works!

  15. Lenore says:

    Not sure if I’m being paranoid, but my son borrowed my car so there was no car in the driveway and I was here alone around 9:15pm on 5600 block of 4th St. when the doorbell rang and a young Hispanic man asked if this was Jessica’s residence. I said no and he left, but with all the burglaries, I was immediately suspicious that he was casing the place to see if anyone was home. Hopefully it’s unfounded, but wondered if anyone else has had this happen.

  16. sandy says:

    Another day time burglary happened in the 5600 block of Third Street on Tuesday, May 10. The police did come out and take fingerprints. They broke a window and entered the house when no one was home.

  17. admin says:

    I heard from a neighbor that a house on the 5800 block of Baker was broken into on May 11, 2011, some time between 1pm and 6pm. While the residents were away, the burglars took nearly everything. They apparently broke in through a window from the backyard.

  18. Robb says:

    May 24 reported: Once again, our vehicles on the 5700 Block on 4th Street (and possibly other blocks) were vandalized/ransacked! I’ve lived on this block for 7 years and this is the third time my vehicle has been ransacked! I chatted with new neighbors (who are renters) a few houses away and their vehicle was also ransacked. They said they wanted to rent in this neighborhood because it was quiet and they heard good things about Mitman. That was also my story back in 2004 when I purchased my home; however, as the years have progressed, it has become a struggle to compliment my neighborhood to others. I’m serious! I take great pride in maintaining my home; yet, when we Mitman’s have had our homes invaded, cars ransacked, graffiti (tagging) on stop signs, garbage bins, and walls, we become angry, scared, and reclusive! Basically, afraid to answer the door, weary of others, and untrusting!
    It is such a shame this is happening outside (and inside) our homes (and vehicles) we love dearly! I just wanted to pass this along to you to inform other Mitman’s and surrounding neighbors, and I have absolutely no problem with you sharing its content!
    Thanks, Sandy!


    • Robb says:

      Well, it happened again on May 30! Twice in one week! Thank God I do not have valuables in my car! Just wanted to let you all know. I have filed police reports, as always being recommended by Sandy! 🙂

  19. sandy says:

    June 20, 2011
    Just before 10 P.m. last night the dogs were barking and I looked out and all but 1 solar light was stolen [from the front yard in the 5600 block of Third Street]. I did call the police and told them but as a non emergency…….the person was gone….but they have it on record.

  20. Jason says:

    Found lost pitbull on 1st behind riteway building last Sun. Haven’t found owner yet.

  21. Mary says:

    We had a car broken into last week at The Van Buren Apartments. Nothing was taken from inside the car but they did break the steering column up trying to steal the car. Their plan was foiled however.

    Please keep in mind this is the time of year that thiefs and vandals come out. Keep your eyes and ears open to everything around our neighborhood.

  22. Mary-Vice President says:

    I wanted to share with everyone that we had a nice turnout for National Night Out last week. Mostly residents from The Van Buren Apartments and we had 4 Tucson Police officers making an appearance.

    We will have an officer at our Annual Neighborhood meeting on Thursday – October 13, 2011. Please join us and enjoy a great meeting.

  23. sandy says:

    October 15: This information came from our neighbor on the 5500 block of Rosewood:
    Hi, Sandy, I wanted to report what is most likely a scam. It’s the sort of people-in-a-van offering a free housecleaning service. Two girls went to the front door of our neighbors and said that they were with a housecleaning service and wanted to know if she wanted a full free housecleaning service. She said yes (she know greatly regrets that decision!) so an unmarked navy-blue Dodge Ram van (Arizona license plate CG-41302) pulled up and dropped off a sketchy-looking guy (with a faux-hawk haircut) with a vacuum cleaner. This guy goes into the house, starts to do a bad job, and basically cases the joint, asking her about which room is which, going into rooms without permission, etc. He was there in the house for over two hours, and is pushing expensive services. He wants to know where her mop and brooms are, so he can “trade them in” and all sorts. Without permission, he went into one of their bathrooms and empties the vacuum dirt into the toilet! She finally told him that he had to leave (she has three kids) and he goes outside and waits by their recycling can by the curb!
    I drove home from an errand and saw the guy sitting there, with a vacuum cleaning and a case, and thought it was odd, and kept an eye on him. I left for another errand about 45 minutes or so later, and he had just gotten up to leave, heading north on Craycroft. (He left the vacuum and the case.) Apparently, he asked to use her phone to call the guys who were supposed to pick him up. (She now has the phone number he called in her phone.)
    My neighbor saw me on my patio and told me what happened and asked my opinion. I told her that they were casing her house. My wife and I spoke to her for about ten minutes about this, and finally the van pulls up. A guy in his late 20s gets out and asks where the faux-hawk guy went, and wanted to know if there were any “problems” with the “service.” Kelly said that she wanted them to leave, and didn’t want to discuss anything with him. He starts to load the vacuum and the case into the van, so I start to take pictures. I walked over to the driver’s side door, say, “Excuse me, sir,” and take a picture of the driver.
    The driver and the younger guy get out of the van, and the younger guy demands that I delete the pictures from my camera. I told him, “No way, sorry.” They then attempt to explain that they’re legit and that they sell Kirby vacuums door-to-door. The older guy had a crumpled yellow laminated card “detailing” their “services.” The discussion was polite but they were aggressive. Kelly reiterated that she wanted them to leave. I voiced my concerns for my neighbor’s safety, saying that our neighborhood has had scammers come through offering similar deals. The older guy noticed the name of a sound company on my t-shirt and started to spin a tale about, “Check out northern sound and light! They’re scammers for real!” I replied, “You have no idea what this company does, so just stop.”
    Here are the photos of the van and men: public gallery at this page:

  24. sandy says:

    Hi Sandy,

    Could you pass this information around? I got this off Sam Hughes neighborhood mailing list. Apparently a few young girls(!) are driving around town and stealing items such as garden lights, ornaments and whatever they can get their hands on from people’s front yards. A resident in SH succeeded to lift stills from her surveillance camera video and handed them to TPD and UAPD. I hope they will get caught soon.

    NY license plate: EXJ5302
    Vehicle descpriontion: light blue/gray van (Looks like a 90’s Ford conversion van with a dent in front of the right rear wheel)

  25. sandy says:

    October 17: Hi Sandy I think 2 of the men were just at my door. Were you able to get the pictures? The tall skinny man had a long on top mohawk with the sides very short/shaved. The other man much shorter in height. They only knocked on my door. When I got to the front of the house they were walking in the middle of the 4th street going east. 5700 block of 4th street

    • Andy says:

      That description matches two of the men involved.
      My neighbor told me that two young women made the first contact, and when she told them she agreed to the service, the van arrived and dropped off Mr FauxHawk, who was a young guy (early twenties) who clearly needed some grooming and new clothes. The other men involved were a blonde guy (as described) in his late twenties and a middle-aged guy who said he was the owner of the van who seemed to be in charge of the racket (he has the van was his). I never saw the girls.
      A bumper sticker on the van said “Be Positive.”

    • Jennifer says:

      Yes that sounds like the same men.

  26. sandy says:

    My neighbor, on Rosewood east of Jefferson was broken into & robbed sometime Saturday. They slid open a window & dropped items out that window. This was 10/15/11.

  27. sandy says:

    October 30, 2011, Sunday 5:41pm from the 5800 block of Rosewood:
    we just had a guy come to our door trying to sell clenaing services and mentioned kriby vacuum cleaners, I told him not interested and he left. He was about 5’9 maybe 40, blonde crew cut hair, his teeth were starting to rot. He had on a neon green shirt and shorts, he was on foot and no car. I called the police and reported it, I then thought I should of taken a photo. oh well, just wanted to pass it on.

  28. sandy says:

    October 31, 2011
    Sandy, there are also scams of a long distance company “Advantage Telecommunications” calling wanting people to give them authorization to make changes to their long distance account. They say they are contracted through Century Link, Verizon, Sprint, Etc. to do this and they are the service provider for the phone companies. They of course charge a processing fee and who knows how much for long distance.
    Century Link is also making changes to accounts and people need to be aware of this. I received a confirmation notice from them with changes made to my business account here at The Van Buren, which was not authorized. They changed everything back to the way it was and was very apologetic.

    There are way too many scams out there and people really need to be aware of this and NOT give out any information to them, bank accounts, social security numbers, etc. I don’t believe we can say it enough times.

  29. sandy says:

    November 1, 2011 from neighbor on Fourth Street
    Just wanted to mention that several days ago as I was driving home heading west on 4th street from Sonoita, I saw a vehicle approaching the intersection at 4th & Sahara from the south… was an old white pickup truck containing a ladder and some dried up palm fronds, driven by a dark skinned older person. He wasn’t paying any attention and came through the stop sign as I was about to enter the intersection…..he would have hit my car if I had not been alert. A few minutes later after entering my garage, I went towards my mailbox and I noticed the same truck parked towards the east end of our circular driveway next to our neighbor’s driveway and he was standing next to it looking towards me. I went in to tell my husband about it, but when we looked out the truck was gone. Maybe this was nothing……and then maybe???? I will be watching out for this vehicle again.
    On Saturday a door-to-door young man was soliciting for carpet cleaning.

  30. sandy says:

    November 1, 2011 from a neighbor on 5900 block of Rosewood:
    The man in the green shirt came to our house Sunday afternoon. I called the non-emergency number and reported him. We also have pictures of the man.

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