Community Garden in Our Neighborhood!

Did you know that we have a community garden in our neighborhood?
What is a Community Garden?

A community garden is a place where neighbors can grow flowers or vegetables together on one piece of land. The land is usually volunteered by a home owner for use as a garden space. Separate garden plots, usually measuring about 3′ x 20′, are made available to individuals and families in the neighborhood. A drip irrigation system is installed to supply water to the plants. A monthly meeting gives each gardener a chance to learn more about their plants by working directly with a local gardening expert. A bimonthly newsletter also provides gardening tips and keeps everyone informed of activities at the other gardens in the city.  The cost is $15 per month.

Where is Your Garden?
Sewell Elementary School at Sahuara and 5th St.

What are the Benefits?

  • Healthy, Tasty, fresh vegetables grown without pesticides
  • Brings families and neighborhoods together
  • Gives those without much of a yard a place to garden
  • Good exercise – and gardening is peaceful and relieves stress
  • Beginners and experts alike can share their knowledge (and their harvest)
  • Teaches both children and adults about the lives of plants
  • Turns otherwise vacant land into   a thriving community resource

Contact Us:

Look over The Community Gardens of Tucson website at or we can be contacted:

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