Neighborhood Update

Sylvia Berman, Mitman Neighborhood Association President

Hi Neighbors!

On Saturday, March 18, a city-wide event was held at Ward 6 and 46 neighborhood associations were invited. Speakers included both Councilman Kozachik and Ward 3 Councilman Kevin Dahl. Several representatives from City departments and Neighborhood Resources offered information about how the Department of Neighborhood Resources has worked in the past and its future goals. Neighborhood leadership was asked about what we feel is important and necessary. 

The most important issue that came of this meeting (besides catching up with our colleagues after the pandemic) is that it was brought to our attention that we need to develop a Neighborhood Plan. This will help to protect the community from undesirable development. 

The recent passage of the new code rules is relevant here. Infill may include multiple stories on homes, townhouses with less parking such that it causes parking in the street and other consequences. Mitman doesn’t really have much to be concerned about since most of the area is already developed. 

BUT … Jack Furrier owns that big lot on 1st & Sahuara. He is alive & kickin’ in assisted care. His sons are real estate developers. You know what that means! I had a word with Steve K just to bring to his attention that Mitman is never going to allow parking in the street. We have had problems in the past from customers of Southwest Book Store and Love Cabaret parking in the neighborhood. Therefore, I think it is imperative that we develop a Neighborhood Plan. This probably needs to be done before we can apply for historic status. It is is a project that could really use some volunteer assistance. If anyone is thinking of participating on the Board as an Advisor, this would be a great limited projected. 

***The board will meet in a few weeks to plan the traffic circle art project. We intend to have a neighborhood meeting at the traffic circle on a Saturday morning to show sketches. Quite a few people chimmed in about what they think the sculpture should be like. I got to thinking … why not combine all three ideas? Cactus with a bird and a flower!
Steve K’s newsetter is always interesting. If you only read one article in this week’s edition, it should be about how the Boyscouts created a raft for the turtles in the Randolph Park pond to lay their eggs.

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