Mitman Neighborhood Association Annual Meeting Minutes, October 14, 2023

The Annual Meeting took place at 10 a.m. in Harold Hallikainen’s driveway; with a total of 41 neighbors signing in. The Treasurer collected $220.00 in dues and donations. Vice Presidential nominee Robin Steinberg began the meeting by introducing herself and the current Treasurer, Emily Endreson. Neighbors introduced themselves with names and addresses.

After a brief explanation of the Board’s purpose, Robin announced that a vote would be held for all officers, namely President, Vice President, Chief Financial Officer (Treasurer), and Chief Information Officer (Secretary). Harold explained that additional information would become available via the neighborhood web page, which he created and continues to develop. Robin invited the group to share any comments about issues they would like the Board to address:

  • Concerns about MNA operating like a Homeowners Association, i.e. reporting people who failed to maintain their yards.
  • The possibility of having a neighborhood garage sale.
  • Suggestion made for a plant cutting exchange.
  • Suggestion by Harold for board meetings to be public events with a published agenda at least one week prior.
  • Suggestion made for watershed management at the well site to create a pocket park.
  • Question about whether another site exists in the neighborhood for a playground.
  • Suggestion for sharing produce grown in the neighborhood (e.g. citrus, peppers, etc.).
  • The multitude of problems caused by the presence of Love Cabaret on Speedway.
  • Bike boulevard extending to Sahuara Street.
  • Continued addition of traffic circles and speed bumps.

Jennifer Beard responded to the concern about MNA behaving like an HOA by summarizing the issues created by the Love Cabaret and persistent squatters in a house on 1st Street. She explained how she and other residents worked to resolve these problems through the city’s Code Enforcement and Police Departments.

Sylvia Berman, the outgoing President, reviewed the Association’s many achievements in improving the neighborhood, especially by installing speed bumps and traffic circles. She received a round of applause in appreciation of her leadership in working with the city to make these improvements.

Robin led a hand vote on officers nominated for the Board. The newly elected Board is:

President: Ali Bickford

Vice President: Robin Steinberg

Chief Financial Officer (Treasurer): Mary Martin

Chief Information Officer (Secretary): Susan Patania

Neighborhood Advisors

Emily Endreson

Sabina Ahmad-Post

Harold Hallikainen

Jennifer Beard

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