Minutes of MNA Board Meeting of April 3, 2024

Mitman Neighborhood Association Board Meeting Minutes April 3, 2024

Present: Ali Bickford, President, Robin Steinberg, Vice President (telephonically), Susan Patania, Chief Information Officer, Mary Martin, Chief Financial Officer, Harold Hallikainen, Advisor, Jennifer Beard, Advisor.

Approval of Minutes of Board meeting February 7, 2024: Approved    

Treasurer’s Report

Current balance $2,205.56

Harold Hallikainen was reimbursed $173.87 for DreamHost domain registration.

Employer Identification Number (EIN) Progress

Advisor Hallikainen reported that MNA must be a nonprofit corporation registered with the Arizona Corporation Commission to obtain an EIN number and 501(c) (3) status. Articles of Incorporation are filed with the State of Arizona, which has an online form, and the Internal Revenue Service, which has a more comprehensive application process. The Board agreed to place the topic of incorporation on the agenda for the annual meeting in October 2024.

PayPal Progress: Requires EIN.

Bylaws Revision

The City of Tucson suggested minor revisions to the draft Bylaws. The Board agreed with the City’s feedback. Advisor Hallikainen will incorporate the City’s revisions into a final draft to be reviewed at the May meeting.

Safe Streets Mini-Grant Program: The completed application was sent to the City of Tucson. No response has been received to date.

Traffic Circles: All traffic circles are being maintained by neighbors.

Proposed Watershed Park at Baker and Van Buren: Keith submitted the application to Tucson Clean and Beautiful. A response is expected in time for discussion at the May meeting.

Desert Bloom: No change in status since last meeting.

Open Discussion:

Discussion regarding possible native plant distribution by the Tucson Audubon Society. Possibly include this in the October general meeting.

The Board discussed making the fall meeting into more of a social gathering. Discussion included allocating funds for refreshments and having activities for kids, possibly through the City’s “Ready, Set, Rec” program. Food trucks are another possibility.

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