Minutes of MNA Board Meeting of May 1, 2024

Minutes of MNA Board Meeting of May 1, 2024

Mitman Neighborhood Association Board Meeting May 1, 2024

Present: Ali Bickford, President, Robin Steinberg, Vice President, Susan Patania, Chief Information Officer, Harold Hallikainen, Advisor, Jennifer Beard, Advisor.

Absent: Mary Martin, Chief Financial Officer

Approval of Minutes of Board meeting April 7, 2024: Approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Current balance $2,205.56. No activity since the April 7, 2024 meeting.

Employer Identification Number (EIN) / Incorporation Progress

The Board continued to discuss incorporating the Association. The process involves filing Articles of Incorporation with the Arizona Corporation Commission to become a non-profit Arizona Corporation, and with the Internal Revenue Service to receive an EIN and become a 501 (c)(3) tax exempt charitable organization.

The Board discussed the possibility that donors might want something in return for their donations, e.g. speed bumps on their block. Advisor Hallikainen noted that donations with strings attached could be politely declined. Another option is to incorporate with the state of Arizona, but not apply for tax-exempt status with the IRS.

The Board plans to place the topic of incorporation on the agenda for the annual meeting in October 2024.

PayPal Progress: Requires EIN.

Bylaws Revision: Advisor Hallikainen incorporated the revisions suggested by the City’s Neighborhood Services into a final draft to be reviewed and voted on at the annual meeting in October 2024. The draft was unanimously approved.

Safe Streets Mini-Grant: The City continues to review the application.

Proposed Watershed Park,  Baker and Van Buren: The feasibility study is complete and a plan showing the design is ready for neighborhood feedback. A meeting for that purpose is scheduled for May 10. The Board agreed that residents of the Van Buren Apartments are most directly affected by the proposed park. Their feedback is especially noteworthy.


Desert Bloom Dispensary sent the Association a flyer and a letter with information on their plans for opening. Advisor Hallikainen will scan the information for posting on the MNA website.

Arizona Heat Awareness Week: the organization requested MNA’s support in publicizing their cause. High summer temperatures put many residents, especially elderly people and infants, at risk for severe, possibly life-threatening conditions. The Board voted to post Heat Awareness information on the MNA web on the MNA website site.

How to Deal with Noise Complaints: Several neighbors have contacted the Board about loud gatherings, especially in the outdoor areas of clubs on Speedway. The City has an established procedure that facilitates involving the police in stopping “unruly gatherings.” President Bickford will post guidelines on the MNA website for “red tagging” businesses and residences that host disruptive gatherings. Neighbors are encouraged to call 911 to anonymously report disturbances.


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