Credit Card Information Theft at Gas Stations

The Tucson Police Department in conjunction with local and federal agencies is working a recent investigation that involves several suspects placing devices, which capture information from credit cards in various gas stations throughout the City of Tucson.  This investigation is currently on going and can not be discussed in detail, however the Tucson Police Department would like to insure the public that we have resources dedicated to complete a thorough investigation to try and identify and apprehend those responsible for this criminal activity. Below are some safety tips to help the public avoid becoming a victim.

Citizens: Pay with cash when purchasing gas if possible. If you pay with a debit or credit card, please pay inside the store with the clerk. Monitor your bank activity and financial statements. If you notice unauthorized transactions on your financial statements or with your bank account, contact your bank immediately then file a police report if necessary.

Monitor and routinely check your gas pumps for any suspicious devices. Monitor suspicious activity or people at your gas pumps and contact the police department to report it.

Media Release-Credit Card Information Theft at Gas Stations

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