Circle K: Mitman awaits arrival of new store

Two people from Mitman Neighborhood attended the zoning hearing on May 5 for the rezoning of the small parcel on the east side of the property [see hatched mark areas on the map]. We thought this rezoning was to allow delivery trucks to park and unload mercandise but have discovered there is an ‘easement’ between the 4 properties to be purchased, or already purchased, by Circle K and Takamatsu. If you will notice there are 4 exits from both properties onto First Street which means there will be access to First Street via using the easement and going through Takamatsu property. There will be another hearing at the June 21 Mayor and Council and details will be posted when received. No letters of protest were received from Mitman neighbors that are within the ‘protest area’. Any letters that don’t include name and address are not recognized.

You might be able to make a difference. Write a letter by April 21 and send to City of Tucson Planning & Development Services Department, 201 N. Stone Avenue, P.O. Box 27210, Tucson, AZ  85726-7210 and/or email:         Your requests might be accommodated. Do you want to see a high wall? a shorter wall with wrought iron? a low wall with vegetation? sufficient lighting at the back of the store? camer

as? The Planning and Development Department will take into consideration requests – we may not get it but it’s worth the effort. These letters must be in at least 2 weeks before the zoning hearing which is scheduled for May 5.This new Circle K  to be built on the southeast corner of  Craycroft and Speedway will be open 24 hours/7 days a week  with 16 fueling stations and a full liquor license.

From the architect renderings it looks like it will be about the size of the relatively new QT on Speedway near Rosemont. The zoning hearing is tentatively scheduled for May 5 to get zoning changed on one small parcel of land. See the area with hatch marks and any further info in the full post. Four neighborhoods were invited to participate in a discussion with Circle K representatives at Ward VI council office on November 2, 2010 and January 27, 2011. The car lot, Sanchez Restaurant, and Tucson Seat Cover on the southeast corner of Speedway and Craycroft  will be razed. Access will be from both of those streets.

We would love to hear what you think about this new Circle K in our neighborhood. Please post your comments below. They will be reviewed before posting to prevent spam and off topic comments. For comments/requests to Planning & Development you will need to send a letter directly to them.

March 10 Letter

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4 Responses to Circle K: Mitman awaits arrival of new store

  1. Janice says:

    April 13, 2011
    Dear Mr. Wyneken: I am dismayed that approval for this building plan, a Circle K at Craycroft and Speedway, is going forward. The addition of another drive-by convenience store in our neighborhood will increase crime and congestion. If we try to enclose it, a tall wall will be unattractive. To prevent crime if we add lights, that affects nearby residents . I appeal to you to do a needs assessment. There are nearby Circle-K and other quick-stop stores that make Speedway unattractive already. Thank you for considering this request, Janice

  2. sandy says:

    From: Michael Wyneken []
    Sent: Thursday, April 14, 2011 1:24 PM
    To: Jerry
    Subject: Re: Circle K – Speedway.Craycroft

    Th Circle K plan shows the area behind (south of) the store to be blocked by a wrought iron fence, and inaccessible to anyone without a key to the gate.
    A six foot tall wall, with decorative features and landscaping will extend along the south boundary of the site. A wrought iron fence will extend north from this wall to the south side of the building to prevent people from getting behind the building from the Speedway side of the property.
    The wrought iron will also give police a good view into the enclosed area behind the building. That area is also to be lighted and have a security camera. No pedestrian or vehicular access will be provided to First Street from the Circle K site.

    I hope this information helps.


    Michael W. Wyneken, AICP
    City of Tucson
    Principal Planner, Rezoning Section

    04/14/2011 1:12 PM
    Dear Mr. Wyneken,

    I am a resident of the Mitman Neighborhood. While I’m not particularly in favor of having a busy 24 hour covenience store / gas station within the boundaries of our neighborhood, I hope the City considers the Mitman residents if any codes are changed.
    I understand that noise abatement barriers are being considered. A high wall could do a lot to keep some of the noise down. However, I am aware that this type of business frequently has customers purchase alcohol and then go behind the store to consume it. If there’s a high wall, this will seem to encourage this illegal behavior, as it will provide a good hiding place for illegal activity. My concern then follows that the nearby neighbors may be impacted negatively and may also be subjected to criminal activity, such as property crime and possibly physical harm.
    I encourage you to consider the noise, the bright lights AND the potential crime that can be associated with this type of business. Perhaps a combination of wall, wrought iron and climbing plants could be a solution which can have pleasing aesthetics and noise reduction. I would like to see an environment behind the business whereby it would be difficult for one to hide and that it could also be seen fairly easily by police that simply cruise by. We already have several neighbors who are negatively impacted by the businesses along Speedway, in particular near TD’s strip club. It would be most unfortunate if this store impacts even more of our neighbors in a negative manner.
    Lastly, our area is well-served by a variety of businesses, including fuel, groceries and convenience items. I don’t see the need for another mega Circle K.
    Thank you for your consideration of my comments.


  3. Tina says:

    We used to be a neighborhood of just occasional crime. Now, it seems to be every week that we have the report of another burglery. We don’t need a crime magnet. We have a great neighborhood in a great location. Please explain how this mega-store is in keeping with our neighborhood’s character. The zoning is fine just like it is and we should have some say about this. We already have gas stations at 5th & Craycroft, Broadway & Craycroft and the 5600 block of Speedway. There is no need for another.

  4. sandy says:

    April 28, 2011

    Dear Ms. Paris,

    Staff, and I really believe Circle K understand the neighborhood concerns. Many of the concerns are Circle K concerns also, even if they weren’t brought up by the neighborhood. Security is clearly a mutual concern and Circle K is showing the wall along the south property line, as requested by the 1st street neighbors, with additional landscaping. In addition, the entire area south of the store will be blocked off with either the wall or wrought iron fencing to keep people away from there.

    The neighbors has requested no pedestrian access to 1st Street, and the plan shows none. Circle K is going through an additional process (Development Standard Modification Request) through the City to meet the neighbors’ request for no pedestrian access to 1st Street. The City’s standards require such an access, so Circle K is seeking a waiver to meet the neighbor’s request.

    The Circle K plan does show the Mitman Neighborhood sign right at the intersection, as requested.

    Thank you for yours and your neighbors vigilance in following this case. Your input has made a difference.


    Michael W. Wyneken, AICP
    City of Tucson
    Principal Planner, Rezoning Section

    April 27, 2011

    Mr. Wyneken,

    Thank you for your time and willingness to provide information about City zoning and in particular with the Circle K coming into the Mitman Neighborhood. I am speaking only for myself and not as president of the Mitman Neighborhood Association.

    Many residents are working to keep our neighborhood as safe as we can and encourage communication with our neighbors creating a friendly community. As an individual and as neighborhood president I am willing to work with Circle K representatives in any way that can provide as much security as possible for us and have the store and grounds well-maintained that can show our area with pride.

    I have several concerns about any convenience store at Speedway and Craycroft particularly since it will be open 24 hours a day with full liquor license and several gasoline bays. Our neighborhood already has issues with people coming into the neighborhood after the bars close from several establishments along Speedway from Wilmot to Craycroft Boulevards. That said there are residents looking forward to the convenience of this store.

    I do have a concern with high walls that provide hiding places for unlawful or devious deeds and possibly more graffiti. However, I also believe the residents closest [First Street] to the store deserve the final say. I just hope the design of the walls and vegetation will discourage aberrant deeds.

    Whatever jurisdiction your department has on this store, I would request measures are taken to minimize the traffic thoroughfare into Mitman, especially on First Street and Jefferson Street, that security cameras are installed and utilized properly as have been mentioned by Circle K representatives, and a low wall at the corner with the Mitman name. It would be desirable to have all four corners at the Speedway/Craycroft intersection with the neighborhood names similar to the Speedway and Country Club intersection.

    Your department does not cover liquor laws et al and the zoning laws are already in place that allow small business lots from the 1950’s and 1960’s to be purchased by one business and consolidated into large 24-hour businesses which is inconsistent with the daily routine living patterns of the neighborhood. However, I trust the City Planning and Development Department will do what it can for Mitman Neighborhood.

    Thank you,
    Sandy Paris

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