Circle K — Part 2

Circle K(see Part 1 of this story here.)

Because there were not a large amount of protests, it is not going before Mayor and Council as a public hearing, but merely on consent agenda. If it is not a public hearing, they do not typically notify individuals unless they specifically request notice. Again, the rezoning authorization and ordinance adoption will go before Mayor and Council on August 9th.

The re-zoning of Circle K WILL NOT go before Mayor and Council on August 8, 2011. The previously scheduled June 21, 2011 rezoning at the Mayor and Council meeting  was not on the agenda nor is it on the July 6 agenda.

UPDATE: Zoning Examiner’s recommendation & map   from the May 5 public hearing: May 12, 2011.     May 5 Agenda for the public hearing  

Rezoning — Planning & Development Services Report  April 20, 2011

City link for specific information:


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