Surviving the Heat

As we watch temperatures climb each summer, we are increasingly mindful of the effects of extreme heat and the disastrous consequences if power were to be lost for a day or longer. Everyone living in Tucson would be impacted during such an event, and by its after-effects, too.
Building a Resilient Neighborhood (BaRN), a coalition representing seven neighborhoods, invites community-minded individuals such as yourself to help Tucson increase its preparedness and become more resilient in the face of climate change.
Two simple strategies will make everyone safer:
• Preparing materials and supplies in our households – from potable water to non-perishable food, from cooling methods to plans for communication.
• Getting to know our nearby neighbors.

For these things to happen throughout the community, though, we need to spread the word.
We invite you to join our team of Block Liaisons – connectors who:
1) go to neighbors on their immediate block
2) share a Household Checklist for emergency preparedness, and
3) invite the exchange of basic contact information for use in case of emergency.

Depending on your block or apartment building, the number of nearby neighbors could range from 2-10.
This outreach can be easy and effective. To help, we are offering a 1-hr orientation session via Zoom. You may attend on either date:
• Tue Jan 31, 7-8 pm
• Mon Feb 13, 3-4 pm

(the link you receive will apply for both dates)
If you have any questions, please reply to this email, or write to Stuart Moody ( I hope you can join us!

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