Mitman Neighborhood Update

by Sylvia Berman, Mitman Neighborhood Association president

Hi Neighbors!

In our last Update, I asked if anyone had knowledge of some shootings that took place on August 5, 2023. Several residents on 1st Street responded that they were awakened at about 2am. Upon investigating, I found several police reports about this and a dispatch of a crime scene unit for a property on the 5800 block of Speedway. 

It turns out there was a shooting in the parking lot at Love Cabaret. Our Watch Commander, Gary Parish, said the following:

“Looks like under case number P2308050025, there was a shots fired call. No one was shot, some females fighting and another pulled a gun. The female that pulled the gun was transported to the jail and booked.” 

There was also a Facebook post and an eyewitness. I have more information, but I have to be careful because the owner of the sex club has quite a history of suing people and cities. However, this has been reported to Councilman Kozachik & City Attorney Shilpa Hunter-Patel. Love Cabaret is still operating on a temporary license … three years and counting. I filed a complaint with the Arizona Department of Liquor Control and sent a letter directly to the State Liquor Board. Also, I have written to Pima County Attorney Laura Conover. I am hoping someone will investigate and help us.


Thunderbird Neighborhood has been experiencing extreme problems with the homeless population as it relates to Alamo Wash. Whenever I drive past Alamo Wash on Speedway, I see people climbing in like it’s the subway entrance on 42nd Street in NYC!

Duffy Neighborhood Association President, Dawn Ferguson, has brought up their similar problems with Rosemont Wash. And I have seen similar activity at the entrance on Pima.

I would appreciate feedback from Mitman & Sewell residents. We don’t have a wash … but what are your experiences with people who seem out of place lately? It is very important that you keep me informed. Perhaps our boards can go to the east side police station and talk with the commander. Mitman has done that before.  


The well site at Van Buren & Baker has been reported to Tucson Water for trash and weeds several times. As usual, it takes quite a while to get anything done in Tucson but we are working on it. This begs the question … if it were a pocket park … would we be better able to control this situation? It’s time to start talking about it again. 


Reminder! The annual meeting is on October 14, and it will be held in a residential driveway. I have an application to block part of the street. It is a “meet & greet” but TPD and Councilman Kozachik will be invited. (I’m just waiting for confirmation of the street closing.) Steve will make a few comments and take questions. This is your big chance to speak with Steve directly. 


As usual, attached is Councilman Kozachik’s weekly newsletter. You may need to paste the link in your browser.

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