Mitman Neighborhood Update

By Sylvia Berman, Mitman NA president

Hi Neighbors!

Reminding you of the annual MEET & GREET which is Saturday, October 14 from 10am to noon. 5701 E. Hawthorne Street.  Councilman Kozachik and TPD have been invited. Feel free to just drop by with your $5 dues if you do not have time to stay. Otherwise, we are trying to avoid long speeches and encourage one on one conversation between residents and guests.


Tonight is the monthly City Council meeting downtown. If you have never attended … it is quite interesting. One of the topics tonight is Code changes for smoke shops. While it may seem like this is a topic that has nothing to do with the neighborhood, THINK AGAIN!

I wrote each member of our City Council to make them aware of the impact “Head Hunter Smoke Shop” has had on this community. It is not merely a business on Speedway. The residents on 1st Street are impacted because their properties abutt the easement. Head Hunter employees and customers like to congregate in the easement at all hours of the day and night.

Why is this business open 24 hours?

Why don’t they have working video cameras? 

These are questions I raised to the City Council. And I took the opportunity to bring up the shooting incident that started in Love Cabaret and escalated in the Head Hunter parking lot. This is an opportunity for the City Council to take a look at the business practices of all smoke shops and use the code to make them to conform to traditional businesses.


Here is Councilman Kozachik’s weekly newletter:

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