Adopt a Traffic Circle!

Adopt a Traffic Circle!

Mitman Traffic Circles

Dear Neighbors,

Mitman has a number of traffic Circles. Some help with traffic calming (reducing speeding) – others do not.  Some add attractive greenery to the neighborhood – others do not. None help in any significant way with flooding.  All of these are things that the Board hopes to improve over time.

In the meantime, we are asking neighbors to consider adopting these traffic circles by keeping them free of trash and doing some occasional pruning. You don’t need to “report” your adoption to anyone on the Board, but it would be great if you did let us know.

For the Board,

Robin Steinberg

Rosewood and Sahuara
Floods heavily during rains due to water coming north from Sahuara.We believe it is maintained by neighbors.
Rosewood and McKinley
Pretty barren.This concrete slab may be part of a plan to add an art project.
McKinley and 2nd
Good desert plants – creosote and prickly pear Remove volunteer mesquite. Maintain sticky plants.
2nd and Jefferson
Creosote, Prickly Pear, Barrel Cactus
Jefferson and 4th
Lovely mesquite, but needs more maintenance due to droppings, also creosote and yucca.Remove bermuda.Could be very nice with some maintenance.
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