Mitman Neighborhood Update

Hi Neighbors!

Harold Hallikainen, one of our advisors, wants to bring to the community’s attention that Sun Tran (bus company) is seeking feedback on its services.


Below is Steve K’s weekly newsletter. You will want to check it out. THE ROAD DIET HAS BEEN APPROVED! 5th Street will become 3 lanes … Streets will be repaved. I have also heard that the hawk light by Sewell will be replaced with a traffic light. I’m not sure how that will affect the traffic on Chantilly.


Your neighborhood association at work! Due to our persistent complaints, Riteway has errected metal gates on Van Buren and in the easement to keep the homeless out. Razor wire has been added to raise their back walls. There is still trash along 1st Street and wild shrubbery growing along the curb on Van Buren. Mitman NA will keep an eye out.

Mitman Neighborhood has been invited to participate in Tucson’s community gardens. Attached is additional information. Please let me know if anyone is interested and I can see how we can get involved. They have garden work parties and garden tours. Sounds like fun!

Heid Enssle, Volunteer with Community Gardens of Tucson 



I just want to publically thank our neighbor, Brenda Nowlan. As you may recall, Mitman NA has been looking into applying for historic status. This is a monumental job. 504 homes must be researched and cataloged. Brenda very kindly dug up the original CC&Rs. Very helpful! I am hoping to have everything ready by our annual meeting in October for a community vote. 


Mitman Neighborhood would really benefit from a community reporter. Stories such as the tree planning event, traffic circle art project, easement cleanup, special neighbors … should really be preserved and told. Perhaps they could be published in Steve’s newsletter, the Neighborhood Nugget or some other neighborhood publication. Anyone interested?


Steve Kozachik’s Ward 6 weekly newsletter is always interesting.

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