Mitman Neighborhood Update

Hi Neighbors!

Last night Mitman Neighborhood Association met with our prospective metal artist to discuss the neighborhood traffic circle art project. What a nice young man!

Daniel Hornung grew up in Sewell Neighborhood … in fact … his Mom still lives in the ‘hood!

Attached is Daniel’s Instagram link which will show you some of the projects he has completed. It seems to me that his style is right up our alley. Moreover, Daniel has had experience working with neighborhood projects and the City of Tucson. 

The first thing we need to do is decide on a theme. We will start with the traffic circle on Rosewood & McKinley. It is very likely that we will include the traffic circle on 2nd Street. Later on … we may continue with the traffic circles on Jefferson. 

We came up with three ideas:

  1. Wildflowers
  2. Birds
  3. Cactus (probably saguaro)

What do you think? Any other ideas we should consider? If it is a basic design that can be varied, we will only need to go thru the design process once. Different types and aesthetics can be applied.

The board will meet with Daniel again and vote on a theme. Then Daniel will create sketches to view at a community meeting at the Rosewood traffic circle on a future Saturday morning. At that point, Daniel will submit a cost estimate and Mitman NA will begin applying for grants as well as other fund-raising methods. 

We would like the community to be involved with this project. Please stick your 2 cents in!


Our Advisor, Harold Hallikainen, has resurrected our website. It was quite a daunting task and we are very grateful for his help. It up and running … but it is still a work in progress. Feel free to take a look.

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