Code Amendment Hearing

From Mitman Neighborhood Association President Sylvia Berman.

On Tuesday March 21, 2023, there will be a live meeting at Mayor and Council Chambers of City Hall. The topic is the proposed changes to City of Tucson Code to ease the housing shortage by removing barriers to infill. Link to Notice. Of course, I will be attending in person and I am happy to have company.

This topic is far more complicated and far reaching than it may appear at first glance. Ronni Kotwicka, President of Palo Verde Neighborhood Association (this is the person who helped me with the liquor license protest) spoke about these proposals on Channel 9.

At the moment, I am not planning to speak to the City Council or issue an opinion letter. However, I urge you to consider the impact and provide your feedback. Considering the number of serious issues these changes bring, I doubt anything will be done right away. It seems to me the ideas need more development. 

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