Neighborhood Update

from Sylvia Berman

Hi Neighbors!

This past week, some of the board officers had an unofficial meeting with Eryck Garcia, Aide to Mayor Romero. It was a wonderful opportunity to share the innovations we have created with our board (additional officers in the form of advisors), modern bylaws, and our concerns. Eryck was very excited to witness an invigorated neighborhood association. Some of the others have fallen into stagnation. Perhaps our success will inspire others!

One of the topics that we discussed was the issue of speed bumps. This is a very difficult project to undertake. We tried to contact the residents surrounding the traffic circle on Rosewood & McKinley after numerous near miss accidents and a major mishap with the bollards. One resident was against speed bumps and the others were unresponsive. Eryck informed us that we need 70% of the community to sign petitions. (Jefferson is not eligible for speed bumps at present because the traffic circles are on the waiting list to be renovated.)

One possible solution would be to collect petition signatures at the annual meeting in October. We will also discuss the art project at that time.

We also brought to Eryck’s attention the frustration we feel with the City departments’ inability to get things done on a timely basis. Code Enforcement takes months from the initial complaint to view the situation. We continue to try to get something done about the piles of trash in front of the property on 1st Street. Squatters were occupying the premises and their belongings were dumped in the yard and has attracted people picking through the mess. TPD has been to the property and asked Code Enforcement to do something about it. But, its been over a month and nothing more has happened.

Other frustrations that we brought up include enlarging the traffic circle at 2nd & McKinley. This was supposed to take place in the spring, yet we have no word when this will actually happen. And now, we hear the Department of Transportation wants to discuss the Road Diet again … but most people just want to get the project done. And this is a big deal because everyone is fed up with 5th Street.

Hopefully, Eryck will be able to bring these issues to Mayor Romero’s attention. Whether or not it will make a difference is a good question. But, at least Mitman NA is trying everything it can to get change effected. 


Last but not least is Councilman Kozachik’s weekly newsletter. There is a very interesting article about training cats to handle a rodent population that seems to be occurring in some communities. You will have to copy and paste into your browser. This newsletter is not that easy to share in this format.

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